Video: The neurosurgery team at Carilion Clinic is comprised of eight neurosurgeons who are highly experienced and/or fellowship trained.

Carilion Clinic Neurosurgery provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for adults and children suffering from diseases and disorders of the brain, spinal cord, spine, and peripheral nerves. Our goal is to guide patients through their diseases without surgery whenever it is possible, and to provide the best surgical care when it is not.

Carilion's neurosurgery program has been growing rapidly since its inception in 2003, and we are now proud to serve our patients with a team of eight highly experienced, board certified neurosurgeons, six resident neurosurgeons, six specialized physician assistants, and three nurse practitioners. In addition, we have over 30 office staff in the neurosurgical ambulatory practice that plays an integral part in patient coordination, education and throughput.

All of Carilion's neurosurgeons trained at the best institutions in the country. Our four senior surgeons collectively have more than 100 years of practice experience. Our highly skilled neurosurgeons perform about 2,500 brain and spine surgeries each year. We use a team approach to treatment involving many specialists, so patients receive more comprehensive care. Second opinions for brain and spinal surgery are readily available through our second opinion service. Many times a patient's condition will be reviewed in multidisciplinary conferences to determine the best course of treatment for that patient.

Physicians, case managers, or medical organizations who would like to obtain consultations or discuss critical care issues may call Carilion Clinic Neurosurgery at 540-224-5170.

In the following videos, Gary R. Simonds, M.D., chief of Neurosurgery at Carilion Clinic explains the pre-surgery process for patients, what patients and their families can expect the day of surgery, and what to expect after surgery.

In addition to their patients, Carilion's neurosurgery team is dedicated to research, clinical trials, and education. The team has actively participated in advanced care practitioner (ACP), nursing and medical student education for years. In 2007, the team also launched a seven year residency training program to educate the neurosurgeons of the future. In collaboration with other experienced Carilion specialists, our neurosurgery team is working to advance patient care, medical education, and clinical research to benefit the communities of western Virginia and beyond.

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